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Journey into a Psychedelic Trip- Sacred Medicine

Psychedelic substances have been regarded as sacred by indigenous cultures and considered a necessary tool to tap into the collective God-consciousness by many believers of the psychedelic medicines, or some of us may name them “Hippie” …

What do you think?

From healing the sick to furthering artistic endeavors, the act of hallucinating or envisioning usually facilitates advancement for the seeker. We will take a journey into the history and evolution of hallucinogenics.

The many facets of psychedelics range from recreational “tripping” to Shamanic journeying. Opening the gateways of our inner mind and spirit is accomplished through various natural methods as well as synthetically comprised.

Good Trip A “good trip” can be described through so many emotions. Feeling radiant and blissful with intense laughter are just a few keywords that touch on the “high” felt. Merging with the cosmos and sensing transcendence is commonly the final aspiration. Out-of-body experiences can also take place. The doors are opened up to the higher dimensions of consciousness that are usually unobtainable in our 3rd-dimensional reality. Some participants have claimed to have seen archetypal beings, mythical fairies, elves, and fanciful creatures, meeting up with Gods, Goddesses and etc … even exploring the creation defects, rectifying some issues of Higher being … There is no telling what a person might hallucinate under these circumstances.

Bad Trip We have always heard news stories about people jumping out of windows or doors who thought they could fly. This shows the impulsive, delusional side of hallucinating. These people may be in a panic mode or just convinced they are superhuman & they are in guilt or doubt or eventually halted by ghosts or demons or whatever at time.

Sometimes it is like playing roulette with not really knowing what will ultimately occur during those hours of inebriation. Many people have a buddy system in place to help them through the hours just in case the experience takes a darker turn.

Exploratory vs. Controversy senario- or rather it’s truth!

Even with all, its public stigma through the recent decades, experiencing the world of psychoactive is still sought after within the suburbs and inner cities to the jungles of South America or even to those places that we still believe are definitely it’s an opportunity for self to explore the psychedelic journey. Those who discover psychedelics are usually left with a lasting impression for their lifetime, be it good or bad.

The realities through transcendence on a conscious level are altered forever through the act of taking a mind-warping trip. After consumption, perceptions may be heightened. Trailing effects are often lingering. Creativity may be pictured in a whole new light. Our purpose in life perhaps will be met with less self-judgment and more clarity.

Based on years of experience coaching people, healing journeys, we are neither meant to condone nor ignore the possibilities of the intelligently derived gifts the universe has left for humanity to discover. It is merely supposed to unlock the history, trends, and journey into a psychedelic trip.

However, simply summarized that this is a form of energetic healing, the power comes from the respective being, your HIGHER SELF, soul, integrated with your body & mind, intent and opening your heart to receive the love held in the Universe.

Receiving the sacred medicine healing, basically, means, you’re ready, you feel strong to activate your personal healing power so you can pull from that reservoir when you are emotionally or physically drained. In this way you will be taking responsibility for your own self-healing for that is where all healing lies.

We organize small group retreat from time to time, either in the private group, couple sessions, private session in the guided set- up with series of diet management, meditation and etc to allow self- exploration– you can contact us directly for discussion and experience purposes.

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