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Outdoor Cafe in Europe

Community Cafe

Definitely, good food, good space, good people, good words, good time ....
Never, the human being never dismiss or miss to discount humanity as the only intelligent species on Earth always look for good stuffs to make self feel or think good... It took a trip to the community café at the busy city, Kuala Lumpur, one of the small space in the universe for anyone that visiting to this place to realize that

we are not alone. 

We wanted to let the visitor, or being or conscious or life seeker or food- taster .... or you name it, you'll get it,  your visit(s) to this place to give you either no insight, but good taste and experience, however, those that have the insight to recognize various otherworldly beings, their "devious" designs for humanity and how to avert them, or embrace them... or debate with them as in deal with them just like in the real world.


Ultimately,  this space,  it's a place for everyone, it's a place for us to realized that you, or me, or others or anyone, as long as you're the human being, we are connected as human being to notice how awakening the divine within is the only way to break free from centuries of control by off-world civilizations is

within self- realization or self- awaken.

Since you as a child, ask the younger self- were you aware of energy and how it moved through all things. 
Like most children,  had you notice or learn to keep your unique gifts to yourself?
Or you still waiting until a near death experience either in this life time or during life time, or an accident to show you how you were wasting life and that

you were being given a second chance?

Even you may take another 20 hours or days or months or years for your abilities to be recognized and accepted! 
Notice that:  this is a space for you to discover yourself and find like- minded people; definitely, the "Now", just like other or whoever people seek thyself out as you could offers healing, classes, lectures and seeks to help others around the world or community too.

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