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Are you wish to heal and discover your self?

Nowadays, so many discovery of important new scientific studies, show that energy can be both channeled to produce healing, and “seen” through extended perception, beyond the five senses.

For example:  The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS),  located in Petaluma, California, has been studying the nature of reality through rigorous scientific exploration for nearly 50 years; in their latest study, IONS scientists set out to validate both the practice of reiki and the phenomenon of clairvoyance or “extended seeing.”

 Dr. Helanè Wahbeh is the head of research at IONS, and has been studying

energy medicine for decades.

People who are energy medicine practitioners might call energy this system that runs throughout the body that they experience as energetic, magnetic, tingling, etc. around the body and mind. One type of energy medicine that is commonly used around the world is called Reiki, and Reiki is a technique that originated in Japan. It’s based on the principle that the therapist can actually channel energy into the patient and activate their natural healing process — their innate ability to heal themselves, often releasing obstacles and allowing an optimal flow throughout the body. Reiki is one of the best-studied energy medicine modalities, having been shown in clinical studies to be effective in conditions including pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, and others. 

In the space, we have some practitioners that able to engage their healing energy as energy medicine on people with a variety of physical and mental health conditions to test the principle that the modality uses a universal life force energy and can therefore be applied to anyone for any condition.  You are able to have the comfy moment to enjoy your sessions here in this safe space.


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