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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion anchors the healing of love within the self.

If you integrate the trinity into all facets of life, the choices you make will move you into balance and fulfillment. It is the basis of love. Look at it as a three-legged stool: if one leg is shorter than the rest, the stool will not sit correctly. Shorten any one leg enough and the stool will topple. This is why we place so much emphasis on the Trinity.

Truth Truth is the essence from which all reality extends. It is not just a word but the totality of understanding how life works. There are no such things as half-truths, shaded-truths, or one of the best, little white lies. I say this because when you begin to experience being in truth at all times, you will dislike the feeling of hearing untruth. How often have you told one lie, only to have to formulate others to cover it up? When you start down the path of total truth, believe me, there is no turning back. One of the most important truths is self-love, which means being true to yourself. You are usually being true to yourself because your essence is that of the Creator, which is unconditional love. In your society, you are taught to help and love others, but you are not taught to love yourself. If you would shower yourself with love, you would become so full of love that you would be able to share it with others. The most important person to love is you. Everyone needs love. When you do not have self-love, you seek it elsewhere, oftentimes by substituting external things such as drugs and alcohol, and most often, by abusing self or others. When you accept total Truth in your life, it becomes evident that Truth is actually self-love.


In order to fully understand trust, you must realize the power of knowing, which comes from being in your truth. To align with trust, you must understand that it happens on a deeper level than you may be willing to experience. Trust is more than a word it is a resonance. Whether in a personal relationship or a business deal, the same rules apply. Once the feeling is established, it would make sense never to let anything happen to it. When the essence of trust is secure, a new reality forms because you are moved to make decisions from the state of love as opposed to fear. When you find trust a part of your everyday life, you can literally begin to move to higher levels. When you accept that trust springs forth from your intuition, then growth becomes the art of trusting this intuition.

Passion Passion is the feeling, the exhilaration, the spice of life. To have passion, to feel love fully, you need to be in touch with your emotions. Now I am not saying that it is bad to be analytical. Whatever you are is absolutely perfect, but what you are really striving for is the balance of mind and emotions. Babies are passion. They are about the purest of feelings in the here and now. They come with no judgment, for most of them live in a perfect world. When it's not perfect, they don't hesitate to let everyone know. Their world consists mainly of feelings. They have no hesitation in adjusting their feelings when their trust or truth is tested. It is only after many years of hand-me-down ideas that they relinquish their childhood innocence and make decisions on how they are judged by others. Often you block your feelings because of past hurts.

Trust that everything that happened, including the pain, was perfect and exactly what your higher self had planned. Trust that your higher self wanted you to experience the so-called "pain" so that you could work through it and learn trust, forgiveness, and love. Then you would truly understand the meaning of these concepts on a deeper level. You could then release some of your anger and allow yourself to experience your feelings again. Often you don't express your true feelings because you fear what others think. Maybe you are afraid that you will be judged. Allow yourself to experience all feelings, good and bad, without judgment. If you're depressed, give yourself permission to feel that way because that's part of being human. Release the "I shouldn't feel that way" judgment. If you don't block your feelings, you will feel the depths of depression. Emotions work their way through you to be released. Getting stuck in your emotions with self-pity or "Why me?" creates blocks. If you block an emotion, it stays with you because it can never work its way through to release. If you experience an emotion, know that whatever you experience is perfect. Trust that this is what your higher self has chosen for you to experience for your growth, and eventually the emotion will work its way through and be released. You will feel clean because the emotion worked its way through without blockages. And when you allow yourself to feel negative emotions, you feel positive emotions with much more vitality. This is how to feel passion, and how you open your heart. Passion is about doing everything with a real purpose. If you can't put the passion in, if you can't put in the feeling, then don't do it. "I can't have Passion all the time," you may say. Yes, you can! Passion is the essence of seeing the Light in everything.

Updated on: 29 Aug 2021

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