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Women's Circle of Malaysia:
Create. Nurture. Transform


"A woman is full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."

 Diane Mariechild

We invite women of all ages to join Women's Circle of Malaysia. This group acts as a safe space for all humans identifying as women to:

  • CREATE safe spaces where we can share our stories

  • NURTURE our creativity at every level, so that we have the power to...

  • TRANSFORM ourselves through raising our consciousness to achieve success within ourselves, our relationships and/or our businesses


Through Women's Circle of Malaysia, you will gain access to activities such as: Life Coaching, Women Empowerment Coaching, Women's Circle Leadership Training, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Yoga & Movement, Your Divine Soul Song Recordings, Intuitive Painting for Chakra Healing, Interactive Cooking & Baking classes, Tarot/Oracle Card Learning, Reading & Healing, Womb Healing, Meditations, Retreats & more.


While a women’s circle itinerary is one that can be re-written many times over, here are some of our basic guidelines that we ensure whilst facilitating a women’s circle to ensure that we are holding a powerful container:

- We pick a comfortable and accessible space where the circle will be held, whether online or in person.

- We always set a topic or theme for discussion or exploration.

- We create an outline or structure to guide the flow of the group.

- Activities we choose allows women to go deep within to access their innate knowing, such as ritual, meditation, journaling, discussions and/or presentations.

- We respect the time frame given for when circle will begin and end.

- We promote space holding and deep listening over “fixing” and non-consensual advice.


Women's Circle of Malaysia is an opportunity for us to meet with each other from all walks of life and share our wisdom of experience; acting as an emotional support group, business network and source of education. We believe through continuous collective healing on all aspects, we can empower each to understand our true power and channel our intuition to raise our consciousness and increase our abundance.


At Women's Circle of Malaysia, we are focused on curating a truly impactful and supportive network of women where we all come together – to empower women to thrive.

Doesn't being in a room surrounded by women who keep an open mind and open heart make you feel like you've arrived at a meet up with some of your best friends, sisters, aunts, mothers & ancestral line of women in history?

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