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Realizing that you are the medicine, you are the one holds the willingness to heal. All the plant medicines in the world serve as the catalyst for your healing to get your system activated because your body is already programmed from the time of conception to heal itself. As we have lost touch with this innate power and it is a great blessing for us to receive this help from plant medicine to remember our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Sacred Medicine Retreat

You feel the call to begin your journey with plant medicines⁠—specifically, to sit in a traditional shamanic ceremony with Ayahuasca. You’ve done a lot of research, searched YouTube to listen to so many videos, watched documentaries, and you feel somewhat prepared… enough to know that there’s more to know! 


For 4 days, you will experience authentic traditional ayahuasca healing, transformation and altered states of consciousness. Sacred Medicines used during our retreats are all natural and given to us by Mother Nature as a gift for us to heal, transform and move forward. ​Our Sacred Medicine Retreat comes with a series of other activities from rapé ceremony, fire ceremony, bioenergy nutrition workshop, cacao & peyote ceremony, sapito session, kambo session, meditation in wonderful space deep in nature.


Guidance from our experienced facilitators from Peru will help you and guide you the entire transformation process safely and with kindness. After all, you want to be sure you choose an Ayahuasca retreat that guides you safely and with kindness through a process that could be one of the most transformative of your life. 


This decision requires careful consideration, so when you consult us, we will lay out a comprehensive explanation of the factors you should weigh when choosing an Ayahuasca retreat for the first time.  From location to style, additional plant medicines and fellow retreat participants, it will all impact your Ayahuasca experience.  

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