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Ranessa -- Intuitive Sound Healer, Empathetic Practitioner & Community Leader


Ranessa is an intuitive sound healer and empathetic practitioner with a passion for promoting holistic well-being and healing. With a solid background in sound healing, acting, journalism, and digital content marketing, she has embarked on a diverse career journey that beautifully weaves together her unique skills and passions.

As an experienced sound healer, Ranessa possesses a remarkable ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level. Her innate intuition and empathetic nature allow her to pinpoint subtle cues and energy imbalances, enabling her to address specific ailments and emotional needs during her healing sessions. Through the power of sound vibrations and frequencies, Ranessa harnesses the mind-body connection to facilitate deep relaxation and heightened awareness in her clients, promoting transformative healing experiences. 

Alongside her healing practice, Ranessa is a dedicated community leader who runs a Women's Circle of Malaysia. Women's Circle of Malaysia provides a safe and nurturing space for women to come together, share experiences, and support one another in their personal and spiritual growth journeys. Ranessa's compassionate guidance fosters an atmosphere of trust and empowerment, empowering women to embrace their authenticity and inner strength.

Ranessa's multi-faceted journey reflects her unwavering commitment to serving others and making a positive impact on their lives. Her women's group and sound healing practice serve as beacons of light, fostering healing, connection, and personal growth within her community and beyond.



Intuitive Harmonic & Angel Touch Healing combines the power of intuitive touch, harmonic frequencies, and angelic energies to promote holistic healing and well-being. This transformative therapy integrates intuitive guidance, gentle touch, and harmonic vibrations to balance energy, release blockages, and activate the body's natural healing mechanisms. Through the harmonious interplay of intuition and angelic energies, this healing modality supports deep relaxation, emotional release, and spiritual connection, allowing individuals to experience profound healing on multiple levels.


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