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Ranessa had always been intrigued by human experiences and individual life stories from a young age. Ranessa dwelled on what could be, in her opinion, the highest form of understanding human experiences. She wanted to understand the joy, the pain, the powerlessness and the transformations. She turned to acting and is now a BOH Cameronian Art Awards winning theatrically trained actress, writer, director, producer.


As an actor, she has always believed that the theatrical arts is one of the most powerful healing tools. With over 11 years in the industry, she finds that her art is her service to humanity. The work she does is unlike that of a -- healer.


Like you, she is not a stranger to traumatic encounters in her lifetime, and was even diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar II— all of which, she has overcome through healing. It is her continuous healing journey that has given her an intuitive advantage when she works with her clients through her programs: The Awakened Woman, Earth Energy Womb & Trauma Healing, Inner Child Healing, Intuitive Body Touch & Vocal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Tank Drum Meditation, Personalised Live & Recorded Guided Meditation, Divine Soul Song Recordings.


Ranessa uses her soul voice to help her clients tap into the Divine’s energy to access their own power, confidence, inner truth to heal.

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