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Divine Soul Song by Ranessa

Divine Soul Song is a vibrational translation of the frequency of your being.

Ranessa will first hold a 30-minute online session with you to tap into the Divine's energy and connect to your frequency. She will then download your Divine Soul Song. Your soul's song will help clear blockages and heal parts of you that were stuck or disconnected. Your soul is a combination of melodies that represent the many lifetimes you have experienced.

Each time you listen to your Divine Soul Song, you will be able to reconnect with your higher self especially during meditation to receive wisdom, inspiration, intelligence and motivation that are all residing in you. 

Divine Soul Song is for anyone who wants to:-

Clear past traumas, blockages, memories, negative energies & vibrations

Build self-esteem, self-worth & confidence

Clear money blocks Manifest abundance 

Do away with old, damaging habits

Your personalized 'Divine Soul Song is a recorded and produced recording that will be emailed to you after the session so that you may listen to it as needed or prescribed. 

My Divine Soul Song (30 mins)

RM 180.00

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