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Earth Energy Womb & Trauma Healing
by Ranessa

Earth Energy Womb & Trauma Healing is a very deep emotional and spiritual healing session on multiple levels -- physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Ranessa uses live healing vocals and earth elemental vibrations to help with deep grounding, build strength and reignite the fire within to promote a deep sense of belonging within our bodies. As a Woman Empowerment Coach, she will help shine the light on what needs to be healed in order for you to become the greatest version of who you are. 


Wonders of the Womb

A healthy womb contributes to a deep sense of grounding and belonging within our physical bodies. This deep centre holds our balanced sexual energies which are also the source of our creativity and inspiration in the external world that restores us to our highest and divine potential. However, many of us feel disconnected from this foundational centre due to current or past life traumas such as:


  • Rape

  • Abortion

  • Miscarriage

  • Vows of celibacy

  • Sexual violence & abuse

  • Unloving or distorted sexuality 

  • Complicated childbirth

  • Death at childbirth

All of which leads one to fear and stress of feeling not worthy enough to receive. Our womb holds all the energies collected from trauma (ours and our mothers before us), and if we avoid dealing with our issues, it will seriously affect our physical health, emotional well-being and sexual relationships. The wounds we have individually and collectively may be overwhelming us in this lifetime.


With Earth Energy Womb & Trauma Healing, we give these deep seated traumas a safe space for them to re-surface to be released once and for all. We free ourselves from the past and reconnect to Mother Earth's power of love, reprogramming our energies to transform ourselves and harness our true creative gifts. 


Private (75-90 minutes): RM280           

Group (60-90 minutes): RM111 per pax (Maximum 4 pax)

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