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Intuitive Harmonic & Angel Touch Healing for the Female, Woman, Mother, Wife, Daughter & Professional 

Energy that is weak or blocked leads to symptoms of mental, physical or emotional imbalance.
Intuitive Intuitive Harmonic & Angel Touch Healing by our female practitioner is the perfect program to transform and integrate the mind, body and soul. The respective female practitioner learned the power of voice in transforming an audience through her many years as a stage performance artist. Coupled with life coaching, this session is incorporation of spiritual healing which includes a guided touch, guided meditation, sound & music and the healing power of live vocal vibrations to intuitively guide you to:

  • Clear negative energies, memories & blockages

  • Clear money blocks

  • Restore emotional balance

  • Release past traumas 

  • Promote better sleep 

  • Reactivate your heart

  • Improve state of mind 

  • Improve the flow of energy

Intuitive Body Touch & Vocal Therapy (up to 90 minutes)    RM250

For male session, required booking. 

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