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A Prayer to Universe Creator with Ho’oponopono

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

All my family, friends, relatives and ancestors,

I (say your birth name), from the beginning of time to the present (say what you’re called today!):

Thank you for allowing us to be gathered here in your love.

We come to you for protection, love and healing.

We are in any way through thoughts, actions, words or deeds caused any stress or wrong, we transgressed or trespassed against ourselves all times, we seek for forgiveness truly from deep within our inner heart.

The “I” within us outside for We asked for unwanted energy of any kind in our body, mind and soul, that you please cleanse, purify, release or transmute any and all of these unwanted energy into pure divine light.

We humbly request you sever and cut all aka cords and pull them from our body, mind and soul to fill in all those empty spaces within our body, mind and soul with pure divine light as well.

In the name of the Divine Creator, we ask that this be done, and it’s done! As we release and set free, we in turn are released and set free as well.

Guide us, remove all distressed and shower us with your love. Energize, renew, revive our minds, hearts and souls so that we live a good life.

Thank you.

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