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Sukvinder Jash

Sukvinder Jash, also lovingly known as Nina, is a wife, mother of two, food-preneur and intuitive art teacher specialising in women, children of all ages and the special needs. 

As a woman, wife and mother, she experienced some deep-seated traumas in her life and has overcome them through deep healing. Through her healing, she rediscovered he passion for cooking and the arts - she realizes that the more she transforms her energy, the more the people around her, like her husband, children and extended family raise their vibrations too. Now, the pains from her past have become part of her story, which she cherishes as much as the good ones. Because of her life story, she believes in increasing conversation to reduce shame and stigma around any negative emotions and believes that it is important to normalise that much of everything is out of your control. 

Today, Sukvinder continues on her journey to find the right balance for herself as a wife, mother, food-preneur and communicates from a place of pure love and inner truth. Her intuition and understanding of herself allows her to tap into others, especially women and children.  Having gone through various life stages and the healing energy of Ho'oponopono, she conducts programs like Art Therapy for Special Needs Kids with full of life, compassion and empathy so that they can find their inner peace through the joy of colours. 

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