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Children coloring

Children's Art Therapy by Sukvinder

Children's Art Therapy by Sukvinder creates a safe space for children of all ages to foster and guide their creative expression. Children's art therapy is beneficial for young persons because they are typically more comfortable expressing themselves through art rather than with their limited vocabulary (depending on age). 

During these sessions, Sukvinder encourages her art students to explore a vast range of materials and mediums to create artworks. She believes that by allowing children to explore their natural artistic abilities, their overall quality of life will improve. With Children's Art Therapy by Sukvinder, children can also:

  • process physical and emotional healing

  • freely express their feelings about difficult circumstances like trauma, illness and/or medical treatments

  • offer a sense of control and mastery

  • ease grief and bereavement

  • reduce anxiety and depression while building resiliency

  • become more self-aware

  • improve self-esteem

  • increase problem-solving and coping skills

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