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Aura Energy & Biofield Analysis

This is an energy check within minutes with an analysis report: a quick energy check on a person to see if there are any entity attachments, toxic energetic hooks, tear in your aura, energy leakage and more; photo and analysis report will be provided.

Example of analysis data abstracted from Biofield, UK:  Many people wonder what a healthy, balanced biofield looks like? See below for the scans of a fit young man (right side) which can be compared with the scans of an older man (left side) who has several health issues. Balance is usually denoted by more green, lighter colors 'on' and 'around' the body. Imbalance is often seen in congested pools of red 'on' and 'around' the body. Red 'streamers' are often seen connecting, or leaving the body where there are physical or energetic issues. We have found that everyone, no matter how fit, has some imbalances in their biofield. Red, in thin vertical lines, is seen in healthy individuals.


Energy Analysis (up to 60 minutes)  RM111
Energy Analysis & Chakra Alignment (up to 90 minutes)  RM250

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