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Growing up, like many women, Amy experienced body issues. She was active in school, played sports but she wasn't really good at it. In fact, she says she was the weakest in the team. Once she got into university, she went into depression. "I couldn't even look into the mirror, so I just avoided it altogether." But one day, a friend gave her a yoga mat. She had no sports clothes, sports bra, whatsoever and a tiny space between her bed and her closet. She just starting moving her body and fell in love with fitness immediately. 


Amy is a personal trainer with a focus on getting women strong from the inside out. Her aim is to get women to develop a positive mindset - it's not about changing the way you look, fearing of the kinds of food you eat. It's about loving everything about yourself, building that trust for yourself and the process. 


She takes an empathetic approach to physical training and movement, "I see physical fitness and movement as a way to grow and discover a new part of ourselves. It's not about 'losing' the weight, I look at it as a way to gain something for ourselves, whether its our truth, our power, our self-esteem and more!" 

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