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The Violet Flame is a sanctuary, a refuge for the lost, the weak, the curious, seekers,

and for anyone whose heart needs to be alighted by our flickering, violet radiance.


Here, we illuminate you.​


Our story began over a decade ago with an idealistic dream  to build a haven where people can

heal seek and realize their paths in a world saturated by challenges and hardships.


At Violet Flame KL, we focus on holistic  body, mind and soul transformation.

We believe that everything is interrelated with one another and in order to inspire change in our lives,

it begins with the integration of all aspects to maximize growth.​


We pride ourselves in providing the best we can and treat you like family,

dedicating our time to your needs and issues.


You come to us,

we take your hand,

and guide you to your paths & destinies with all our attention,

one step at a time.​


Our doors are for everyone, no one is left behind.


​The time for change is now. 

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