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Space Clearing, Cleansing & Blessing

If you feel as if your home or workspace is being disturbed by unseen presences, know that our practitioner can help.

Symptoms of disturbance are usually missing or misplaced objects, your children falling sick or behaving strangely, noisy pets, sleepless nights and reasonless family quarrels. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, there may indeed be an energy imbalance in your living space, manifested as the symptoms perceivable by your human minds.


Space clearing is especially effective when we can comprehend that there are many, many realities beyond our own that impart on us negative effects; to maximise its potential, one need only keep an open mind.

You'll be coached and guided to perfor a simple ritual during the session, in which you cleanse and bless your house, can be just the thing that helps you reclaim your space. And the first step of that ritual is to reacquaint yourself with the purpose your house serves.
Ultimately, the owner of the space has to "Acknowledge your space as sacred" & realized "That changes the way that you interact with it and think about it."

Even if you don't spend a ton of time at home, it still functions as your base, your comfort zone. If you view it in this light, you may feel compelled to care for it in the same way you care for yourself. That means performing important spiritual upkeep on it from time to time. Negative thoughts and bad memories are like dust, Whitehurst explains — they can accumulate in nooks, crannies, and dark corners if you let them. If your house really is a sacred space, you probably want to keep that stuff from building up too much.

During the session: the respective practitioner will perform the intuitive reading by reconnect the ancestors, guidance angels or Universal Energy to heal the space.

Space Clearing, Cleansing & Blessing 

space less than 1000 sq ft             RM700 

space >1000 sq ft to 2000 sq ft    RM1200

space >2000 sq ft                             RM1800

For building, factory or hotels-  by enquiry 

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