Our days are numbered with the decline in health and sleep. We throw ourselves into a pit of workload, or simply wear our bodies out to late night activities. Sleep is essential to good health, however, many people find it difficult to relax and sleep well. Imsomnia kicks in, rendering us with myriads of physical and mental issues. Prolonged poor sleep can lead to:

  • Weaker immune system

  • Higher risks of premature death

  • Depression

  • Faster Aging

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Increased likelihood of breast cancer

  • Heart problems

  • Stress


Sound therapy can be very effective at triggering the relaxation response in the nervous system, by entraining the brainwaves and slowing them down to Theta (dreaming sleep) and Delta (deep sleep). The therapeutic sounds cause the left brain (logical, critical, judgemental, worrying part) to switch off and fully activate the right brain, creating feelings of peace, deep relaxation and bliss.


When the brain produces Theta waves, the immune system is boosted and emotional issues are processed and integrated. This is essential for good mental health.


When the brain produces Delta waves, the body is able to repair itself more effectively, restoring physical health.




Sleep Therapy

60 mins

RM 212