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Raw Vegetables

Raw Food & Nutrition

A live plant based food diet is optimal for extending life, preventing chronic degenerative disease and increasing vitality, energy and youthfulness. However one size does not fit all. Some people need animal protein and it is important to choose whole foods vs processed.


Learn how to prepare delicious and appetizing raw treats such as zucchini lasagna, cauliflower hummus, flax seed crackers, raw cacao walnut truffles, amazing salad dressings, healing foods such as cleansing and energizing soups and fermented food rich with “friendly bacteria”, such as kim-chi and kefir water


Eat food freshly picked as Plants stop receiving nutrients from their life source after being picked, and gradually begin to die: wilting, losing colour and shrivelling up.


After about 48 hours, plants are no longer living.


Many foods we love including chocolate, in its raw form as cacao is a superfood filled with magnesium, antioxidants, the “bliss chemical” (anandamide), aphrodisiac (phenylethylamine). Chocolate is believed to be an unhealthy food only because of what happens when its processed. Many foods when processed (i.e. cooked, microwaved, filled with additives like sugar, milk, preservatives) lose their vital nutrients.


Eating raw and living foods prevents and heals diseases, reduces stress, keeps the mind sharp and focused, skin smooth and vibrant, hair thick and luscious, digestion impeccable, and the body active and pain free. By introducing an abundance of raw and living foods into our lifestyle we can attain health, beauty, vitality and sharpness, creating a state of mind and body open to nourishing our souls to love our core self.

Let food be your medicine. Many of our clients have reversed chronic symptoms like bloating, skin breakouts, obesity, respiratory disorders when they began to clean out their food choices and included more raw plant-based food into their regime. Being conscious about your food choices, how we prepare them, how we bless and mindfully chew our food!

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