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Psychic Tarot Reading
with Clarity & Understanding on self

We don't do 'sugar-coat' by  fabricate information to fit feelings or the individual’s requests, the readings can be very blunt and to the point.  We work with the energy that is presented to at time.


Sometimes when we conduct a reading, you will often feel an energy building in the room - this is spiritual energy entering the room to offer support for you and to guide us. There is no need to be uncomfortable – it is just a sign that you are less alone and there are energies present to help you.


We always work professionally and with the highest regard for your comfort and peace of mind.


When you wish to think more carefully about yourself -  learn more about your TRUE self and  uncover important aspects that can help improve your life.


What shall I expect in the reading? 


Tarot is a collection of archetypes which we can all relate to on an intuitive level. It helps us frame our experience. It can be incredibly powerful in helping people identify and quantify the source of problems in their relationship (especially when patterns repeat across more than one relationship) - and the role the querent is playing in perpetuating this.


Our Readings *not* be used  to issue opinion or ultimatums on someone else's path. Telling someone to stay or go, for example, or the s/he's cheating on you scenarios etc. is highly unethical. The good reader will guide the client reach a point where they can outline their own course of action - and feel empowered enough to follow it. Sometimes, when emotions overtake us, we just need help in seeing our options going forward.


To those who dismiss the validity of tarot, just open your minds.
Some of our experience of card reading session: I started learning seriously after pulling the same 10 cards (after shuffling/cutting the deck repeatedly), three times in a row. Chance? This happens with clients all the time now - especially when someone is 'stuck' in a situation and some part of their psyche is refusing to learn and let go. I've even had a client accuse me of sleight of hand after this kind of repetition of cards. I asked her to pull her own cards - and the exact same cards came out again - but that's a whole other area.


In short, yes, tarot can be a great tool for illuminating your 'shadow' self - and the role it plays in manifesting patterns of behaviour in relationships of all kinds - lovers, family, friends, work colleagues...


Reading & Psychometry (60- 90 minutes)


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