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Past Life &
Age Regression

Many of us are often caught in a rat race. We are constantly moving around with our “shoulds & need-to-do list” that we have simply forgotten the need to understand “the self” and what our body is trying to tell us. As such, we are just continuously accumulating and generating anger, resentment, bitterness and hatred in our life. There is so much beauty for us to experience but instead of feeling the joy, we have chosen to settle for pain, anger, revenge, disappointment, and as a result, we are either in physical pain or feeling remorse and lost most of the time. It is time to pause and understand where we are heading and if this is the lifestyle that gives you joy in life. It is time to seek awareness and work on areas that really matters in your life.  


As a past life regression therapist begins with a counseling session on clients' issues and objectives before guiding her clients through a meditative process to reveal scenes, people and emotions to understand the life learning or lessons that one is seeking in order to make corrective changes in life.

Past Life & Age Regression (90 minutes)


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