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One Heart Energy -
Physical Health Healing
by Sook Yee​

Most health problems have multiple causative factors. Among the causative factors’ possible root causes are bad diet, undisciplined life-style, genetic factors, present and past lives, negative and harmful thoughts plus action may also contribute to poor health condition which promotes disease. All these causative factors will undoubtedly create much negative energies that inevitably block our normal energy flow coursing through our entire being.


With One Heart Energy, Sook Yee transmits the healing energies onto clients and this directly benefits those suffering from diseases and addictions afflicted on their physical bodies. 


The healing process is fully guided to transmit One Heart Energy flowing through your Divine Self, Higher Self, Soul, Sub-conscious Mind, Heart, Chakras, Physical body, Genetic, Emotional body, Mental body, Spiritual body and related Karmic issues.


Each session is unique, and the total number of sessions will depend on each individual’s state of body and mind. With the greatest gratitude and guidance, Mental and Emotional Health Healing is intended to facilitate all souls in achieving a positive healing response and strictly not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care.


About One Heart Energy


One Heart Energy is a collective compassionate energy received from Source. It is channelled through Kuan Yin, Buddha, Mother Earth, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings from realms beyond our worldly dimensions, applied to illuminate and help all Beings in the Universe.


The path for souls is full of challenges and it is a necessary developmental stage to achieve the soul’s destiny. As taught by Source, “living your life with your True Heart is the step towards the deepest transformation of all beings. With the greatest gratitude and blessing from Source, One Heart Energy is compassionate to channel and assist all beings for the highest good as per divine plan towards the deepest transformation of all beings. This is done by insulating our consciousness from illusion and trauma of separation and by cultivating wisdom, compassion, gratitude and unconditional love for all living things.

(Sessions are only available on Saturdays & Sundays)

One Heart Energy - Physical Health Healing (90 minutes)


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