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Image by Andrew Haimerl (ANDREWNEF)

Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat- at the Banjaran, Ipoh: is a weekend trip for A TOTAL RETREAT of self with Guided- Emotional & Body, Healing & Cleansing Meditation with Sound, Yoga, Detox & Inner Child session in the Space that enable to awaken your senses at The Banjaran, Ipoh, with geothermal Hot Springs pools, Meditation Cave, Crystal Cave, Thermal Steam Cave, Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pool, warm- Free-Form Swimming Pool, Natural Jungle Walk ... for your wellness & spiritual journey, mere relaxation, rekindling self- love, delightful vegan- dining and meaningful occasions.

In this natural space, we are able to tune, retune with depth- down self- healing to allow our Root to connect down, down to ground below, deep into the earth. And invite in the colour red – the colour of the earth. Bathe your Root with red: empowering, embodying, grounding you in the ‘here and now’. Let your Root take what it needs. And say the words: “I am here” “I have a right to be here, as I am”, “The Earth supports me”... there are more programs include inner- child exploration & healing that allow us to release the past.

Time to deepen the human consciousness awakening.
Everyone has the potential to realize that the path to healing and self discovery is as unique as everyone wanted to walk in this life time. By immersing deeply an understanding how everyone, as human being, finding the consciousness as light, to find balance inside out and what connects within us, the "I" within "my self".

In this retreat, you will:
1. Take time to focus on yourself and embrace conscious mind to live your life with awaken state.
2. Find your internal balance and gain clarity of your life.
3. Explore inner peace and calm through movement program- Qigong & Yoga practices and sound healing via self healing. 
4. Awaken to your true inner self as you connect with nature away from distractions from our own perception of life with noises.

Ultimately, the session allow the self, within myself, to be conscious being, readily to experience personal transformation and live life to a potential way that we realized that we don't confined life with a limit.

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