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Loving Your Inner Child Workshop

As children, we were all once impressionable. We had to adapt to our surroundings and find ways to fit in. Our parents were probably good enough, meeting our needs in a satisfactory way. But even the most well-meaning parents make mistakes, and this can leave a child feeling that their self-worth is conditional upon doing and being what was expected of them. As we grow into adults, we are left with a weakened self-concept, feeling like we do not belong, have little to no boundaries, lose touch with our identity and a tendency to put everyone else's needs above ours. Sometimes it takes us years before we realize that we've been missing out on fun and passion in our lives.


Does this resonate with you? 

The Lower Self, also known as the Inner Child is responsible for generating our emotions and body sensations. All your subconscious memories (data) from this life and previous lives are stored in this part of yourself. And it goes much deeper than that: You are also connected into a collective storehouse of memories (data). This data operate autonomously in your subconscious mind and influence relationships with yourself and others. Early emotional wounds (emotional or physical) if not paid attention to, can continue to give you pain and bleed into all aspects of your life. 


Through Violet Flame KL's Loving Your Inner Child workshops and retreats, we create a safe space for you to become more attentive to your truest emotional states and body feelings -- all so you can discover, re-parent and love your inner child the way he/she/they want to. 

The Violet Flame KL conducts Loving Your Inner Child in the following manner: -

Full Day Workshop: 3-Day 2 night Retreat   

Private coaching with healing sessions (up to 90 min)      RM250 

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