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Image by Saboor Rana

Love Meditation –
A Journey of Release, Awakening and Healing

Are you ready to step into yourself?
Be mindful of what lies deep within you?
Be willing to let go of what no longer serves your purpose?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then this Love Meditation will help you open doors to a new life of beautiful possibilities. Using breathing exercises, affirmation, music and other sounds, you are guided into a state of relaxation and inner harmony. Visualisation and colours play a big part too in this self-discovery session.

You will be guided to open your heart and focus on self-love, forgiveness and unconditional love. As you release anger and pain you attract more positive and loving energies into your life.

Deep within each of us there is a well of infinite love. Allowing this love to flow into your heart, into your body and mind, into your consciousness and very being and let it radiate out of you and return to you tenfold.

You are invited to discover this love as it will also help to lighten your load and allow you to become more effective individuals. This may be just the inspiration you need to create the lasting change YOU, and the WORLD too, needs more than ever right now.

Let’s sit back, relax and journey together.


i. Please bring along a yoga mat or a big towel and a shawl. Wear something that allows you to lie comfortably on the floor.

ii. Ideally, eat two hours before session.

Registration is required.

Please call us at +603 2011 8288 or WhatsApp at +6012 986 8346 or email to book your session.

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