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Become a Certified Life Coach

Are you inspired by the likes of Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins & more?


Do people often approach for some life advice? And, do you find that you quite enjoy these interactions - sharing your own life stories, listening to others & finding a common ground to offer motivation and inspiration?  Perhaps you've been dreaming of becoming a life coach? Now, how does one begin this life coaching journey, and what are the benefits for your life personally and professionally? 

International University of Entreprenology offers you an opportunity to follow your dreams through the Life Coach Certification program where you will become a Certified Life Coach (CLC). Under the tutelage of Dr. James R. Ops and Dr. Pauline T. Crawford, you will be given the tools and resources to practice as a Life Coach.


With this knowledge, you will be able to help your clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances and more. Being a life coach, you will also be able to walk your clients through life transitions and help them discover their life purpose, all so that they can live a fuller and happier life. The program is tailored to your needs and can be completed between one to six months, depending on your time and progress.


After you complete the Life Coach Certification, you can start your own practice.

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