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Jeanne Tan

Jeanne is a Mompreneur with 3 young children, a wife, a Certified Integral Coach®, and an essential oil enthusiast.

As a Fast Track Technique Practitioner, Jeanne can help you cut through the blocks and imbalances which stand in your way in achieving what you want in life. She works with you to increase your self-awareness and enable you to understand what holds you back. Jeanne coaches her clients in bringing the unconscious into the conscious, allowing for lasting self correction.


An exceptional listener, she coaches with compassion and empathy and gently guides her clients through joyful curiosity and inquiry.

She also provides FAST TRACK TECHNIQUE 4 KIDZ (FTT4KIDZ) Therapy to help children and their parents negotiate the tricky emotions that come as part of today’s modern life. After having seen the positive effects on herself, her own children and clients’ children right from the start of this therapy, Jeanne is determined to help more parents and children too.


Today, Jeanne continues on her journey striving to find the right balance for herself, to manage the demands of today’s women and particularly the challenges of being a working mother. She is an avid learner, constantly updating and upgrading her skills. She has worked in senior managerial positions for almost 20 years in multinational companies, became a stay-at-home Mom when she had her third child, and now is a Mompreneur. Having gone through various life stages, she is able to incorporate her work and life experiences into her coaching practice with a generous amount of positivity, compassion and empathy.


Jeanne also punctuates her coaching sessions with the appropriate aromatherapy to create a holistic environment for transformation. She is currently being certified in French Aromatherapy Aromatic Medicine. She is the founder of The Essential Oils Genie, and is dedicated in spreading awareness of Essential Oils to enable more people to use oils knowledgeably.

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