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Hina Nagvadaria

Hina's father was well-read with astrology, and as a young girl was also surrounded by family friends who were astrologists and numerologists in her hometown in Gujarat, India. Although she was familiar with the art of astrology and numerology, she chose instead to become a wife and mother to five beautiful children. After her husband's passing and lustrous life of experiences, and blessings from her daughters, she decided to pursue numerology under Atlanta-based AstroNumerologist, intuitive coach, and best-selling author Jaya Karamchandani. 

As human beings, balance is what we are all trying to achieve. And Hina says that sometimes, we get distracted from this and end up in chaos emotionally, physically and mentally. Hina uses numerology to help people understand how to direct their emotional energies, angers, frustrations and passions. This helps people  have better control of your reactions toward what life throws at them and live life to their fullest potential. "Numerology helps you understand yourself through working with the cycles of destiny that occur in your life. You can make the most of your cycle using your wisdom and intellect through numerology." 

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