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Family Constellation

Do you have a personal, career, financial or health-related issue that you had tried to resolve but failed repeatedly? 
Are you wondering why certain events keep happening in your life over and over again? 
Are you interested in exploring a new way to help you see and understand your life from a whole new perspective? 


Whatever your issue/ concern is, 
a Family Constellation session can give you the insights or the solution may just present itself. 


This workshop is an introduction to allows you to experience what Family Constellation is.

Join us as a Client to experience a constellation or Observer.


What is Family Constellation? 
Family Constellation is developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It is a powerful, deep experiential method to bring out and resolve family, relationship, work or health issues. 


It could be that: 
• You had a difficult childhood and see this same pattern repeating in your child's life
• There is unresolved trauma in your family and is preventing you from living your life fully 
• You long to have a better relationship with your family, spouse, friend or colleague but had been unable to despite all your efforts 
• You see a negative pattern of behavior or addiction in your life that you can't seem to be able to break 


How does Family Constellation work? 
In this session, there would be 2 individual 
constellations to look at a personal issue or chosen topic that the individual has. You do not need to be one of the individuals to benefit from this session. One can benefit simply by observing the constellation process or being a representative in the constellation. 


The Client who chooses to have a constellation would share the issue that he/she would like to work on in a 
short conversation. Once this is identified. the Facilitator would invite the Client to select representatives from the circle for the issue or important person(s) related to the issue and arranges the representatives according to what feels right at that moment. The Facilitator would work together with the Client and representatives to gain insights from the constellation and create a healing resolution for the issue based on the dynamics of Family Constellation.

Full Day Workshop       

Personal consultation        

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