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Possession, Exorcism, Curse & Karma Removal by Zeus

Are you in need of an Exorcism and the effective and permanent removal of dark entities? Then Zeus, is the perfect practitioner who will help. Whether it is a demon, evil spirit, jinn or any other harmful entity that can enter your being, Zeus is building you how to go about with clearing, cleansing and balancing with your body & mind, finally able to integrate with Soul. 


Zeus deals with exorcism, external energy entity removal (demons, ghosts, other souls, aborted babies) and curses & magic (energy types) extraction from one’s physical body, in addition to repairing and closing energy signatures used by such entities to invade one’s body. He’s currently assisting people with his abilities in a Chinese temple in the local community with the aforementioned work.

Exorcism & Curse Removal (up to 90 minutes)  RM250

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