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Fri, Dec 06


Bandar Hilir

3 Days Mindfulness Retreat in Melaka: Learn.Practise.Live

6 Dec at 14:00 – 8 Dec at 14:00

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3 Days Mindfulness Retreat in Melaka: Learn.Practise.Live
3 Days Mindfulness Retreat in Melaka: Learn.Practise.Live

Time & Location

Dec 06, 2019, 2:00 PM – Dec 08, 2019, 2:00 PM

Bandar Hilir, Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia

About the Event


3 Days Mindfulness Retreat in Melaka

with Selvi. Dr Rajes. Vanessa Leong

 Learn: Your Power within

Practise: Use your Power

Live: Achieve Success


The retreat program focus on guidance ,and maximum participant: 15 only.

A program & activities include:

- Discover the third- eye (intsit-

ion)power within you

- Destress movement by gentl-

eYoga stretches

- Mindfulness & meditation

- Managing stress & depression

- Setting & achieving goals

- Handling negative energy

- Affirmation & Manifestation

-  Sound Healing


Overview Mindfulness is a mind-body based approach that

helps people manage their thoughts, feelings,  and mental

health.Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically shown

to decrease depression, distraction, anxiety, rumination,and

emotional reactivity , and more.

Come and find more clarity  about yourself and find ways to

improve your overall well- being!



• Daily mindfulness meditation:  integrate mindfulness

into your daily life

• Meditation with sound healing and Chakra balancing

• Workshop:  Using Psychic Power in Our Life and Setting

Goals & Manifestation with the Universe

• Daily healthy vegetarian meals with plant-only based


• Daily gentle yoga stretches:Sunrise and Sunset Mo-

vementwith Sound Healing

• 2 nights’ accommodation and meals Skill level

• No skills level is required  Styles


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Mindfulness retreat is an ideal opportunity to simply focus on

reconnecting with yourself and become more present and a-

ware. When you're more mindful, you're more open to new

ideas, increased creativity, and an enhanced sense of purpose.

It will include a variety of mindful meditations practices,expe-

riential work, and group discussions. After completing this

program, you will feel well-equipped with the tools learned to

integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

 Mindfulness will increase your level of awareness of yourself,

and others,in each and every moment. This increased aware-

ness brings choice and ultimately more freedom. Mindful-

ness can help you reduce stress levels  at work or at home,

become more creative and open to new ideas, more focused

,and feel a general improvement in your well-being.


This weekend is suitable for beginners and anyone who seeks the


•  Interested in discovering the health benefits of

mindfulness in a non-judgemental environment.

• Would like to feel less stressed with inner peace

• Would like to improve relationships

• Needs time to slow down and rest

• Overstressed and in need of a new perspective

• Wants to explore mindful meditation and feel calmer

• Wants to deepen your personal mindful practice

• Becomes more creative and open to new ideas with

intuition ability

• Improvement in your well-being


What you will learn. Practise & live?

• Mindfulness of thoughts & emotions

• Triangle of awareness thoughts – bod

- emotions

• How best to achieve success with affirmation

and manifestation

• How to integrate mindfulness into your daily life

• Mindful eating

• 3rd eye activation to connect with higher-self

• Mindful meditations with sound and gentle yoga



What you will guide in small group?

• Life- coaching therapy for resolution of life-issues and

personal growth

• Developing third eye- intuition power in our life, setting

goals with affirmation & manifestation

• Programme of activities, including sound healing, reiki

healing & movement enhancement





1. Mindfulness of thoughts & Emotion:

Affirmation & Manifestation  Theme and learning focus:

When you relate differently to your thoughts, you free

yourselves from the ruminative doing mode and see

clearly that negative thinking is a distorted product of

the mind. It is enormously liberating to realize that your

thoughts are merely thoughts, even the ones that say

they are not! During this session, you will be learning

how to observe your thoughts as events so that you

can come to realize that “you are not your thoughts”.



By this time, you have practiced how becoming aware

and labelling sensations can keep you grounded in your

body and out of your ruminating mind. Now, you will

moveto become aware of specific emotions and how

awareness will move you out of the emotional mind trap.

The practices will help you see emotions as “just emotions”

rather than getting caught up in them. These practices are

key cornerstones of the course.


2. Cultivating compassion of life by activation of Intuition power Theme and learning focus:

If your life feels like a struggle with the world, it may be that your real struggle is with yourself.

At times, your own suffering can also cut you off from others, and experiences like stress, pain,

or depression can make you preoccupied with your difficulties or even more,  you’re thinking

that your life is filled with entities.


However, if you turn towards your experience with kindly awareness, you can find the deepest

kind of peace and happiness that comes from within. Developing kindness for yourselves can

help you reconnect with the world and open into kindness and compassion for others.




The practices you will learn help develop a disposition of

generosity in formal meditation through third eye activation,

so that, it may arise more readily enriching both your own

day-to-day lives and the lives of those you meet and interact with.




A mindful life: Learn, Practise & Live  Theme and learning focus:

Planning for a new way of living - the workshop is the rest of your

life! Maintaining and extending a more mindful and caring way of

requiring clear intention, attention, attitude, and planning with diet,

movement, meditation and etc.



Selvi is a natural psychic and clairvoyant who possesses extraordinary

abilities. She can see a person’s aura (and glean an astonishing amount

of information from it), communicate with all beings (ascended masters,

lost souls, evil spirits or even plants and animals), unravel past lives responsible

for present-day misfortunes, dispose of negative energies, remove energy blocks

, identify your own personal guardian angel and, basically, do all that is necessary

to make you understand the root of your problems and how to manage them.


Selvi provides a complete spiritual overhaul for all those who come to her with various

issues. Selvi has helped many, many people with widely divergent issues ranging from

possession by evil spirits to health, financial and relationship problems. Many of these

issues are resolved quietly and discreetly behind closed doors. Selvi’s ongoing career

as a teacher greatly enhances her ability to advise, educate and guide those who approach

her. Having inherited her abilities from her mother and her grandmother, Selvi has learnt to

harness her inherent psychic gifts which allows her to help people with their problems.




Dr Rajeswary has been a Reiki practitioner for more than 13 years

and a Reiki master since 2009.  Hundreds of students have atten-

ded and graduated in Reiki courses organised by her and her late

husband, Sargunan Velu. She herself has used Reiki in the service

of both people and animals, and is now dedicated to the spread

and teaching of this ancient and wonderful science to people in

Malaysia and abroad.Being an ardent lover of life and a passionate

believer in Universal Energy, Dr Rajes is involved in a variety of acti-

vities that are aimed quite simply at helping all living things exist in

harmony with each other to attain greater peace and happiness.

These activities include counselling, meditation, talks on relevant

topics, and explorations into spirituality and cosmic energies.



Vanessa Leong started her yoga journey in 2010

with Sivananda Hatha and over the years she dived

deeper into pranayama ( breathing ) , Dhyana ( meditation),


Yoga Nidra ( Sleep Yoga) and the ever fascinating Ashtanga

yoga and yoga therapy. She believes Yoga is not just physical

strength but it’s the ideal way of life to attain inner peace. Her

mission as a teacher is to teach her students to cultivate their

inner life, strengthen themselves, develop positive health and

being mindful. Some of her students are yoga teachers now!

She have helped people with anxiety, insomnia, weight loss,

sciatica, cervical spondylosis and much more. She also cond-

uctsessions for runners, detox workshops and yoga retreats

locally and internationally since 2016. She is  a certified yoga

therapist for Hartha, Ashtanga, Ayurveda and Meditation Instructor.



Sample daily schedule


Day 1 - Friday, Arrival

•Evening         Check-in, free time to relax,

take a stroll along the beach

Sunset gentle yoga stretches


•Night              Dinner & Free time to relax

Calming mindful meditation

with Sound, Invocation &



Day 2 - Saturday

•Morning        Sunrise gentle yoga stretches

movement  Breakfast Workshop:

Activation of thought & emotion

•Noon            Lunch Workshop:  Using Psychic

Power in Our Life

•Evening        Sunset gentle yoga stretches


•Night            Dinner & Free time to relax Calming

mindful meditation with Sound


Day 3 – Sunday, Departure

• Morning      Sunrise gentle yoga stretches

movement Breakfast


Workshop: A Mindful life

•Noon          Lunch & time to say




Energy Exchange:

Normal price:  RM1200 (Early bird by 20 Nov: RM800)



1. Included accomodation,

meal & program fees;

2. Excluding transport;

3. Required pre- payment.


RSVP  via  call or WhatsApp:

+60320118288 or +60129868346


This is a retreat program that you have private time with your body

,mind & soul solely to make a moment that meaningful and definitely

is to integrate your spiritual life with daily living.


The retreat is la small group experience.  Deepen into the rhythm of

daily meditation within the community and enjoy free time to join some

of the special events also planned.


for more information pleas visit ,


  • 3 Days Mindfulness in Melaka

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