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Energy Healing, Cleansing & Channeling
by Zeus​

Zeus’ expertise is in prana energy healing and cleansing of the aura and the chakras. After many years of working and practicing distillation and synthesis of energy healing and cleansing of the aura and the chakras, Zeus underwent a breakthrough. He has reached the ability to deeply connect with people who are ready to undergo a karmic cleansing due to a past life trauma or debt that has negatively affected an individual. This is clearly noted in many of his clients’ testimonials.


Prana healing is well-known as a complementary medicine and there are tools such as Kirlian photography available to capture the human aura and ensure successful application of such techniques.


In addition to that, he is capable of handling prana in physical, mental, and spiritual form which has been known to be a rare ability, and that is due to his special channeling capabilities. This allows him to gain access to an individual’s past life and higher consciousness for those who are ready.


He is able to help you will these:

  • Remove negative emotions stored in the body.

  • Handle blockages in your body’s energy system and/or energy congestion.

  • Perform paranormal, spiritual, and divine channeling & healing.

  • Handle psychic phenomena, mysticism, and esoteric sciences like art or generating internal powers (known as ki kung).

  • Training people (who are ready) on multi-dimensional healing which serves to accelerate the expansion into higher dimensions and consciousness, to raise your vibrational frequency, and embody your higher self.

  • Clear your karmic state.

  • Develop higher sensory perception, then embrace your higher identity and master the spiritual plane.

  • Live your highest potential.

  • Manifest abundance.

  • Experience true inner-peace and integrate your shadow self.

  • Discover your life purpose.

  • Reclaim your freedom and sovereignty.

  • Manifest your soul mate.


As the Buddha said: “Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good”.

Energy Healing, Cleansing & Channeling (up to 90 minutes)


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