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Chakra Alignment by Sound & Affirmation

Is stress piling up on you? Or are physical ailments putting a toll on your life?

Sound is generated through continuous and regular vibrations that travel through not just air, but through water and bone in varying frequencies. Since we are made up of about 70% water, this means that the vibrations can travel right into the cells and organs of the body. It can manifest itself in various forms such as music, communication and all sorts of emotional expression with a specific purpose, especially when produced via conscious human intention.


As individuals, we constantly find solace in music to heal and nurture parts of us in a world that rapidly breeds stress, illnesses and discomfort in our lives. We understand its healing and balancing effects on the psychological level, but are you aware of the benefits of sound that extends beyond what we know? Sound therapy can help to alleviate psychological, emotional and physical issues including:


Stress and anxiety


Acute and chronic pain

High blood pressure

Sleep problems


Autism spectrum


According to research, sound therapy is able to reduce symptoms of ailments by resonating with parts of the body and changing the body’s frequency to an elevated, healthy resonance.

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency and interacts physically with sound.


Vibrations affect one another. By adjusting these frequencies, we can influence changes in consciousness that ultimately influences our body. Relaxation will automatically seep in even for those who find it difficult to do so. Let the bliss come in as you let go, letting your mind be entrained by the rhythms of crystal bowls, crystal harps, gongs and Ranessa's lovely voice. Your physical pain, ailments and chronic diseases will diminish over time, and your body and mind will then be restored.


At the end of the session, you will emerge complete and whole, glimmering like the cast of full moon in a euphoric night.


Join us and uncover the science behind the miraculous benefits of sound therapy.


Mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided to allow for maximum comfort while lying down.

Group Session: RM50 

Individual Session: RM250 (60 - 90 mins)

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