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Reinvent Yourself with Astrology
by Anushia

Astrology is an art of probabilities, rather than a science or a system of religious beliefs.

Many people take up astrology in the hope that simple answers will be offered to complex questions about major life issues. But if the person looks more deeply, it becomes apparent that such simple answers cannot be straightforward without knowing who you are and what is your true north star.


For those who want to get to know themselves on a deeper level, to reinvent their life based on self-conviction and self-belief. As result, you will forever have the skill to understand your own personal astrological cycles and how they affect you as an individual that will leave you with lesser anxiety, be more hopeful and prepared for life in general.


You will learn:

-    Your Ascendant, Sun and Moon Signs significance

-    Identifying your opportunities and challenges based on your Saturn and Jupiter placements.

-    As well as how to navigate your yearly transits.


Anushia offers this learning as a structured intuitive course to small group ONLY for personal development and not to make predictions for yourself or others as it is only the very basics of astrology.

Anushia offers her personal consultation services to any soul seeker too. 

Reinvent yourself with Astrology (120 minutes)- RM300 per pax (maximum 4 pax per class)

Personal consultation up to 90 minutes: Reinvent yourself with Astrology-  RM250

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