"Making cooking fun!"


The Little Ladle Club is a culinary adventure for kids where they are taught to learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals through a fun and educational approach within a classroom environment. Most children have phases during childhood when baking or cooking is a keen interest. As such, The Little Ladle Club provides children with the perfect opportunity to nurture this interest and capitalize on an age appropriate fun learning experience in the art and science of cooking. But above all, our goal is to provide the foundation for lifelong healthy eating.


Apart from fostering interest in cooking amongst children, The Little Ladle Club also aims to encourage children to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals prepared independently by the kids themselves in a fun way based on individual age groups. At The Little Ladle Club, children also receive the following benefits while experiencing and experimenting in the art of cooking:

  • Math Skills

  • Comprehension

  • Real Life Science

  • Emotional Development

  • Communication & Social Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Safety

  • Motor & Sensory Skills

  • History & Culture


The Little Ladle Club offers many types of cooking classes to suit your child's age, interest and availability. Classes are available on a one-off basis, as monthly programs, for school holidays as well as part of children's birthday parties and other special occasions. All Little Ladle Club members will receive a certificate of participation upon completing a cooking course.




One-off Class

RM 40-60

Monthly Classes (incl. registration/starter pack fee)

RM 240-320

Holiday Programs

Parties without Starter Pack (min. 10 kids, max 30 kids)

RM 50-70

RM 55/child or min RM 550/class

Parties with Starter Pack (min. 10 kids, max 30 kids)

RM 135/child or min RM 550/class