Selvi is a natural psychic and clairvoyant who possesses extraordinary abilities. She can see a person’s aura (and glean an astonishing amount of information from it).


Sonakshi Dua

Always feeling a special bond with animals, Sonakshi's life took a drastic turn when her dog of 7 years began to fall sick and eventually passing on.


Pauline Crawford

Over 25 years as a consultant, primary expertise in Gender Dynamics© programs, seminars & courses and also experienced in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, & business psychology.



Zeus currently resides in Kuala Lumpur and juggles between the material and the immaterial world as an exorcist, healer and channeler while managing a hosting company.


Jaz Goven

Jaz Goven is the founder of the Fast Track Technique and discovered first-hand the negative impact of sub-conscious programming.


Dr Rajeswari

Dr Rajes has been a Reiki practitioner for more than 13 years and a Reiki master since 2009. She has used Reiki in the service of both people and animals.



Pooja’s journey into the maya began with Reiki Healing. After being introduced to it, she decided to learn the art and successfully completed...


Ida Marina

Channeling your Soul Song. This will take the bulk of the healing. You will able to bring home a recording of your soul song for your keeping.


Sook Yee

Sook Yee is gifted to expand her capacity to channel, access and transmit higher energies from the Source, i.e. One Heart Energy to help all Beings as her soul contract.



An engineer by training with interest in mind sciences, Reiki, 5 animals movement QiQong and now finding his deep passion in Theta Healing.


Anita Madnani

A clinical herbalist and certified practitioner with a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathy, Anita’s interest...

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Jeanne Tan

Jeanne is a Fast Track Technique Practitioner and Fast Track Technique 4 Kidz (FTT4KIDZ), Certified Integral Coach®, and an essential oil enthusiast.



After years of working in a law firm, Shanti called it quits. Her zeal for life has led her venturing into counseling, allowing clients to gain insights into their issues


Alia Kearney

Alia Kearney is a natural born Psychic and Mystic who spent most of her childhood speaking to...


Mr Lim

Mr. Lim started doing Chinese energy healing on a small scale in 1990. Having learned and acquired understanding on the art of Qigong, he is also a Reiki master