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Why Making Money is the Ultimate Spiritual Endeavour!

There are people who believe that making money—along with anything else that engages human passion—falls into the category of “permissible sins.” Meaning: really, you should be living as an angel in meditation and prayer. But since, in real world, as truth of life, you have to live, better you keep busy with something productive than run around committing more serious sins.

It’s not true.

There are no permissible sins.

All of life is beautiful and intended for beauty.

You just need to know when, how and for what.

The universe is a violin. Is a violin good or bad?

A violin is the most soulful and expressive of all instruments.

But if you’re not a trained violinist, draw the bow across its strings and you’ll produce the most nerve-pain or hacking sounds you’ll never want to hear.

Everything the Creator (Universe) designed is like that violin.

“Everything God or Allah or Universe or Creator or whoever we believe which created in his (her) world,” says the holy books from whatever sources ... , “The Creator created only for thy glory.” Including those things that humankind only later discovered hiding in wait for them. And even those things that so many have hijacked for selfish purposes, nowadays which we could see in the spiritual world.

Even money. Money is good, making money is good— you just have to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

The world is a violin. You just need to know how to play it right.

Just remember this, you came to this world to do something amazing, wild and radical...

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