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Sacred Heart Medicine Journey- a Path of healing

Why not give yourself a life mission of Sacred Heart Medicine Journey is to walk through self-as a being with a path of healing so you will step into a whole, true authentic self.

You'll experience wholeness through personal coaching, ceremony and healing unresolved trauma of the soul, bringing all parts of oneself together and connecting with the inner Divine, the Higher Self, the true self as an authentic self. At the Violet Flame space, we help anyone who seeks it, but specifically those who are have been impacted by trauma, as defined not by judgment of trauma, but by the true definition of the word, whether such trauma is immediate or ancestral.

Our path of worship and healing includes sessions to be set- up either in a private or small group or community support, familial involvement, re-education about trauma, shamanic practices, plant-guided healing, and Sacred Ceremony with different traditional Medicine sourced from South American as Sacrament. We aim not to rescue those in crisis, but to reach the masses who are not living their full path and purpose due to normalized conditions. We seek to assist those who are ready to face their trauma through Shamanic practice. We seek those who are ready to connect more deeply with self and with the space in the Violet Flame KL or some sacred space in the forest that connected to Mother Earth.

You'll realize the vision is not meant to be glamorous or directed into crisis, but a well-orchestrated move to address the systemic disconnection from self through Shamanic practice.

You've got an option to have the experience either in a private or small group or retreat set- up depends on your choice.

Send your inquiries via WhatsApp +60 12 9868346 to us to arrange an experience session.

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