This is a very deep emotional and spiritual healing session. Using my voice and mermaid tones, I use song vibrations to penetrate the astral and physical body in order to create healing and clearing on a cellular level. The result is a calmer, clearer mind. I also use my voice and energy to raise your vibration levels to the frequency of miracles and blessings. This helps put you in a state where you can manifest your deepest desires. As I am a life coach with a background in Psychology, I will give you intuitive guidance regarding any issues (personal or business) you may have in your life. 


This session is great for:-


Sexual Trauma

Womb Issues 

Emotional Heart Healing 

Clearing Money Blocks

Throat Chakra Healing and Expression

Post Traumatic Stress 


Lack of focus

Lack of motivation

Clearing Karma 

Past life healing 

Ancestral Healing 




Mermaid Medicine Healing Session

60 - 75 minutes

RM 350