Any event that contains a threat to our vital concerns can trigger a traumatic response.


This includes exposure to natural disasters, threats of death, human cruelty, poverty, slavery, sexual abuse, destruction and loss of home, abandonment, betrayal, separation, feelings of dehumanization and the experience of powerlessness that forms a sense of self.


This may result in re-experiencing, terrifying memories, nightmares, flashbacks or phobias to help us identify and clear these imprints from our subconscious mind.


The outcome? Past hurt and unhealed wounds get played on a constant loop and become a part of our current reality.


When not acknowledged or treated, these imprints trigger a lot of discordant energies in our heart centre - the treasure chest of the emotions like love, hate, fear, courage, grief, joy, jealousy, compassion and so on.


Its impact directly harms our relationships and preventing us from moving forward, in addition to putting a toll on our self-esteem and mental well-being.


In this session, we will explore past lives, identify and name these feelings, followed by a meditation and deep cleansing to release these energies for our highest good.


We will discover our hidden resources and develop new skills to regain control over our life. 


We tend to regard events beyond our control as dealings, from the hand of fate.


No matter where or how these events originated, the way we deal with them is in our own hands.


Truth has a resonance which aligns with our deepest knowing. Although it may not be what you want to hear, it gives you strength to move forward and eliminate the issue from the roots.


If this resonates and you are ready to heal the unseen scars, perhaps it’s time to book your private session!




Healing Past Life Trauma

60 mins

RM 265