Looking for a path? Direction? Want to reconfirm your decision or what to do next?


Confused with how to move on?


Let Pooja help you—


We are all facing a variety of roles that we play. We find ourselves making choices and decisions, some of which we are happy with, others we regret with the process or results.


Nevertheless, we are filling ourselves with a series of emotions, thoughts and feelings. We truly are actors in this life that is simply called life.


However, there comes a time when we are lost and unsure...We start questioning, seeking, wanting to know if there is more to life. We even want to know what more we have to do or how to go about.


During this time, we usually seek some form of guidance, assistance or confirmation.


This is what a session with Pooja will try to provide.


You see, we tend to look at things either as a huge issue and this makes us feel rather overwhelmed and on other times, we tend to see things from one perspective. And then there are some of us who have just forgotten ourselves completely.


During a session with Pooja, and through the messages of your guides, she will put forward to you ways of looking at things and finding some form of solution to the issues you may be going through. The session does not decide for you but rather gives you an understanding of what is going on – this can be from work to relationships, past or parallel lives that may come up, one’s health…well, just about anything that falls under the purview of our lives. By having that understanding, you empower yourself and transition into a more positive and liberating space.




Guidance, Affirmation & Resolution Psychic Session with Pooja

60 mins

RM 212