Energy is all around us. Energy is within each and everyone one of us, even in plants, the firmaments, space, and objects. Everything is energy. What we call energy is prana, that which makes up all types of energy in our plane of existence


Prana brings in life into bodies and when we fall ill, it is an indication of an imbalance within our body. Prana healing then becomes crucial. This form of healing modality has been practiced by people worldwide to facilitate and guide people towards a complete balance in life. Therefore, it is imperative that we also look at our physical health condition in terms of energy, such as the energetical aura field, chakra energy point systems and so on.


In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of energy and look at energy healing more as a science than a complex mystical yoga practice. You will also be introduced to spiritual information regarding some of the common practices and knowledge about self-cleansing, chakra systems, ability to handle and see the aura, breath technique basics, and first level meditations.


This is a level 1 workshop.




Fundamentals of Energy Level 1 Workshop