The womb is a deep centre of energy, power and consciousness within us. It operates on multiple levels- physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

A healthy womb contributes to a deep sense of grounding and belonging within our physical bodies. The womb holds our balanced sexual energies which are also the fountain of our creativity and inspiration in the external world that restores us to our highest and divine potential.

However, the problem is that many of us are disconnected from this foundation centre of power.

The reasons for this could be current life or past life traumas such as- sexual violence and abuse, distorted and unloving sexuality, difficult childbirth, death at childbirth, rape, abortion, miscarriage, war, slavery, vows of chastity, celibacy etc. These lead to stress and the fear of not having enough or being worthy enough to receive.


Our wombs hold trauma from the mother’s womb. Other energies from the collective trauma from our ancestral lineage also get passed on and programmed into our energy imprints.

Avoiding dealing with such issues can take a toll on one's physical health, sexual relationships and emotional well-being.

The individual and collective wounds that may have overwhelmed us in this lifetime or past lives are embedded within us.

With womb healing we allow them to re-surface to be released for once and all.

We free the past and the future generations by releasing these deep seated traumas.

We start to reprogram the energies to transform the sexual and intimate relationships.

We begin to harness our true creative gifts.

We reconnect to our sense of fundamental security and belonging in Mother Earth's lap.

Since womb energy is the foundation of personal power during this current incarnation, it is time to awaken and connect to its true potential.

Are You Ready?




Flower of Life Womb Healing

60 mins

RM 265