“People love stones and stones love people.” That’s the belief that crystal healer Margarita abides by. According to her, crystals are of this earth as we are of this earth. It has been proven that everything on this earth and the Universe as we know it at this time consists of energy. Humans, animals and plants; the earth, water, wind and light; and everything in between and beyond are fields of energy.


In her crystal healing class, she will not only share with you her readings and experiences of working with the gems, she will also help you to tap your intuition, which will serve as a guide as she shares with you how to make jewellery with them.


First Week 


Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Earrings & Necklaces


In this session you will be introduced to crystals, their meanings, and their properties that help us rediscover our authentic selves. During the session, you will be encouraged to play with your crystals, get to know them and to feel comfortable around them. Then, you will be introduced to the basics of jewellery making – you will be coached to familiarise yourself with the items that you will be using before you immerse yourself in the process of making earrings and necklaces.


Second Week 


Crystal Earrings and Necklaces (Recap) and Crystal Jewellery


In this class, you will have a recap of the previous class and learn some fancy wirework. Be prepared to get into real jewellery making mode, as you will learn various methods of making crystal earrings and necklaces.


Workshop Menu 

  1. Please bring your own crystal collection if you have any. If you don’t, you will be provided with some crystals during the class.

  2. Pliers, wires and threads will be provided during the workshop (included in fees).

  3. Last but not least, come along with your enthusiasm and fun loving nature!