Cosmic Tarot Reading with Bryan

There are times in our lives where we come to a point of “not knowing”, when we feel that there must be more to life, which calls for some soul-seeking. This confusion is when we would ask ourselves, “why is this happening to me?” My friends, the answers are already within us, but because we are so caught up with all that is going on around us, we are unable to take a step back and look at the bigger picture for clues. 


This is where cosmic tarot reader Bryan will help you. He will provide you the tools and options to help you elevate your issues in life, and act as “your eyes” helping you see from a different perspective through his cards. He will also connect you to the core of said issues, and enable you to see your “bigger picture”, thus reasoning any conflicts you may have pertaining to work, passion projects, relationships, and so on.




Cosmic Tarot Card Reading

60 minutes

RM 159