Colour Therapy & Chakra Healing with Anita


Anita’s journey with colour therapy began with a particular homeopathy session she was conducting. During the session, she realised that many of her patients’ illnesses were “dependant on some of their chakras being out of balance.” She found out that those out of balance chakras were either under or overactive, and usually blocked with emotions . After looking into many modalities, she realised that one of the best healing process combines energy medicine and light therapy with chakra healing. The process is what you now know as “colour therapy” or chromatherapy. 


During the session, a consultation will be provided to explain how colour works on the chakras and the state of the person's chakras and blocks. 


During a colour therapy session, the person’s chakras will be tapped into and information will be provided to them on the state of the chakra and the blockages stored there which are preventing them from moving forward. Negative energies stored within the chakra and any negativity will be removed and colour be applied to correct and align the body chakras and charged with energy to bring that chakra back to balance. 


After which a guided colour meditation will be done to help them connect better with themselves and to resolve any other further unresolved issues.


If necessary, acculight therapy can be applied to target certain areas which require more directed specific healing. 

Colour Healing

45-60 minutes

RM 150

Colour Therapy & Hemeotherapy with Nutritional Report

45-60 minutes

RM 265

Colour Therapy & Homeotherapy (One Time Off)

60-75 minutes

RM 220

Colour Therapy & Homeotherapy (Follow-Up Session)

60-75 minutes

RM 100