You may feel you have lost sight of your purpose, that the life you are living does not belong to you. The truth is that messages from above are sent to us every day, urging us back to the path of our lives, the paths along which lie our fulfilment and peace.


To this end, I believe that our past holds the key to understanding why we are who we are. Why do you have this life? This job? Why are these specific people around you? What is the message that lies in all this?


This keen interest in the idea of reincarnation and Karma urged me to search deeper into the past to gain more insight into the present. As I opened these doors, I saw how true healing could take place if only we were willing to see the signs. Identifying past-life events helps us release emotions that trap us. With more understanding, we are no longer trapped in vicious cycles of anger, sadness, resentment and all other such emotions that keep happiness from us.


We are then free to let those emotions go and move forward, feeling lighter, and increasingly filled with love and joy. The whole being is in harmony.


You will find that finally, you are on a different path, one that attracts more and more positive relationships, experiences and emotions into your life.




Body, Mind & Soul Integration Tarot Therapy

60 Minutes

RM 178.10