Most of us have an old-fashioned image of the man as the provider, protector and leader of the family.


We fail to recognise their sensitivity, as human beings. When they open their hearts and share, it is overwhelming to see their hard shell cracking only to reveal their inner tenderness.


Men are so involved in living up to their image of contributing to the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well-being of the family that they pull away and hide their own needs.


Even though men deny their feelings but they still HAVE them. They feel pain, hurt and betrayal, just as much as the fairer sex.


When women are upset, they connect with their girl friends, vent for hours, eat a gallon of ice cream, cry a river and unload the burden.


But men distract themselves or worst, isolate. 


It is time to create a fertile environment, a safe haven for them to come out of the cave, suppress less and share more.


This one on one session will help them awaken to their own truth and divinity. It will open their eyes to the real face behind the iron mask and motivate then to stand firm and make bold decisions when faced with situations and loved ones who make demands on their energy, space and time.


As they learn to stand in their own power, the soul's divine light starts to emerge and be felt through the entire being with renewed strength and vitality.


Are you ready to embark on this powerful journey of self-discovery leading to self-mastery?


This session is for men only.




Behind The Iron Mask Healing

60 mins

RM 212