About Anita Madnani

From a very young age Anita was always psychically intune able to feel and see masters and beings.
Anita was always divinely guided and her perceptions and intuitions always exact. However at a young
age of 9, she underwent a trauma and being sensitive underwent extreme depression and with that she
could not really feel her guidance clearly and felt shut off from seeing her guides, and only her intuition
remained still strong.


Her turning point came in her mid-thirties when she felt a strong pull towards the healing arts and
decided to complete all levels of Reiki training and thereafter also qualified as a certified homeopath in
Malaysia. It was only during incessant meditations and inner work and further self realization did she
feel her connection with her guides and masters become clearer again and has been extremely strong
ever since.


It was in meditation that she was guided to use coloured lights (colour therapy) to heal and clear
people’s chakras and to also read and clarify information stored in the chakras. During meditation she
was also guided to help others to heal and clear themselves and develop themselves further, which she
downloaded and wrote down as some of her modules to help people develop their own path of self-
actualization to be able to be their best self and to attract what they need and want in this lifetime.


During the course of meeting many clients who she has helped clear many emotional issues including
depresson, anxiety, ocd and ptsd disorders, she then also realized that many people needed guidance to
develop themselves and learn to transmute their energies to positive energy to attract and magnetise
what they need. She now also helps people do that during and after the clearing sessions so that they
learn to attract what they need at a deeper and higher level of thought in meditation.


This has become her life purpose as she helps people achieve their innermost goals and dreams and her
fulfillment comes from seeing the change that she can help bring to their inner peace and selves.

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