We restore the light in you.
Welcome to 
The Violet Flame is a sanctuary, a refuge for the lost, the weak, the curious, seekers, and anyone whose heart needed to be alighted by our flickering, violet radiance.

Here, we illuminate you.
Our center has been operating for more than 10 years and it began with a certain idealistic dream- a haven for people to heal, seek and realize their paths in a world saturated by challenges and hardships. We decided to thrive for this pursuit.
Our focus is holistic- body, mind and soul transformation.
We believe that everything is interrelated with one another and in order to inspire change in our lives, it begins with the integration of all aspects to maximize growth.
We pride ourselves in providing the best we can and treating our clients as family, dedicating our time to your needs and issues.
You come to us and we take your hand, guiding you to your paths and destinies with all our attention, one step at a time.
Our doors are for everyone, no one is left behind. 
Explore the activities in our space:  talks, workshops, seminars, therapy sessions, private sessions, and online services at our center.
The time for change is now.  
Always with Love and blessing,
The Life Seekers